Visual Field Analysis

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Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer 3

The best just got faster.

The Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer 3 (HFA3) is ideally suited to accurate, timely measurements of the entire visual field including central (straight ahead) vision and side vision (peripheral vision). The central area of the retina is the most sensitive to light, and we see best what is directly in front of us. The more peripheral areas of the retina are less sensitive to light, but they allow us to see, though less clearly, objects off to the side or above or below straight-ahead vision. Just how much we can see of the world around us is known as our visual field.

The HFA3 sets the new standard for visual field testing and full of technological advancements. In particular, it incorporates a liquid trial lens that automatically loads each patient’s prescription from their previous exams.

Your Optometrist can utilize visual field information to assist in early diagnosis or monitoring of many disease processes including glaucoma, tumours, neurological disorders, retinal problems, stroke, and many others conditions. The visual field test provides information which no other test can to assist your doctor in caring for your long term health!

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