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Your Comprehensive Visual Examination

During your visit, your doctor will perform a variety of tests and procedures to assess the health and function of your eyes.

This will include the use of the most advanced diagnostic instrumentation to assist in careful testing for glaucoma, cataracts and other health related anomalies. Visual abilities are measured for various distances and eye muscle coordination is assessed. Our doctors recommend and utilize Optomap Retinal Imaging as part of a complete eye health assessment. The need for eyeglasses or contact lenses will be determined, and your doctor will then discuss all of the examination results.

In some cases, further special diagnostic procedures such as photographic documentation, visual fields studies or in depth glaucoma evaluation may be required, and these are often undertaken on another visit.

Please note that many patients require eye drops for complete examination, and operation of a motor vehicle following this type of assessment is strongly discouraged. Those requiring such eye drops include persons with diabetes, high nearsightedness, whom are over the age of 40, or others, as your doctor advises.


To arrange an appointment, call (902) 422-4444.

You may contact our office directly to arrange appointments or we will be pleased to accept referrals from your medical practitioner or other professionals. New patients are always welcome.

When you are due for an examination, please phone our office and arrange an appointment. Advise our staff of any change in name, address, phone number, or insurance coverage at that time.

Canceling an Appointment

Your appointment time has been reserved specifically for you. If you are unable to honour your scheduled time with our office and your doctor, please call us with 24 hours notice to avoid unnecessary fees, and to allow us to offer your appointment time to patients on our waiting list.


Emergency problems (pain, red eye, infections, sudden vision loss, etc.) are given special consideration in our office and we will generally arrange an examination on the day of your call.

Eyewear pickups/adjustments

Eyewear pickups/adjustments Appointments are not required when picking up your new eyewear or when you need adjustments to your existing eyewear.

Lost or Broken Eyewear

Lost or Broken Eyewear Patients with lost or broken eyewear will be given special consideration and every effort will be made for assistance at the earliest possible time.


Exclusive to our patients, there are five parking spaces directly in front of our office. Three additional spaces are available Monday-Friday, between the hours of 10 AM- 5 PM. These clearly assigned spaces are located in the Cambridge Suites Hotel parking, also in front of our office. Upon your arrival,  please obtain a parking pass from our reception team if you are parked in one of these spaces. In addition, there is metered parking on Brunswick Street.


Patients below the age of 9, or 65 and older, are currently insured for their eye examinations through Nova Scotia provincial health insurance (MSI) once every two years. We will be pleased to assist you in completing any documents you may need to facilitate reimbursement from your private health care plan (e.g. Blue Cross, Sun Life, etc). Patients who require eye examinations based on a medical need (e.g. diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, eye infections, etc.) continue to be covered by MSI, with some limitations.

The following specialized professional services are non-MSI insured and are on a fee for service basis: contact lens examinations, photo-documentation, visual field studies,\ and vision analysis required by a third party such as an employer or the motor vehicle department.

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