What is an ocular hygienist?

What is an ocular hygienist?


Our Ocular Hygienists are here to aide in educating and guiding you toward maintaining optimal eye hygiene, as well as providing treatments under the direction of your optometrist. Their ability to provide detailed explanations and demonstrations contributes significantly to your overall comfort and our commitment to thorough eye care.

đź“‹ Patient History Essentials:

Our Ocular Hygienists diligently documents your ongoing treatment plan. They consider your ocular history, current symptom onset, and systemic medications and conditions to provide the necessary insights for creating your personalized treatment plan.  

🤔 Symptoms Assessment:

They evaluate your comfort levels and monitor fluctuations in your vision. Using advanced tools, they quantify your symptoms, especially focusing on those related to dry eye disease.

⚙️ Clinical Tests:

Crucial clinical tests are performed by our Ocular Hygienist to visualize and grade meibomian gland health and assess tear consistency and salt content. They utilize these tools as inflammatory markers for diagnosis and treatment planning.

đź’Ľ Patient Treatment and Education:

Your optometrist, in conjunction with the ocular hygienist, may recommend in-office treatments such as ILux and Blephex for optimal eye care and improvement of your comfort. At-home care care is commonly prescribed for best results, and may include personalized prescription, applying warm compresses, artificial tears, and omega-3 supplements. With an emphasis on  follow-up appointments and compliance, our team strives to keep you well-informed about your personalized eye care plan.

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