Motor Vehicle Exam

Long haired woman having eye exam, holding a small paddle over one eye to read chart. Next to her is optometry equipment.

Looking to renew your Nova Scotia driver's license?

If so, you may need to have an optometrist fill out a form to verify that your eyesight satisfies the requirements for operating a motor vehicle.

Application or renewal of your Nova Scotia driver’s license may require a form to be completed by an optometrist to confirm that you meet the vision standards for driving! Requirements vary depending on the class of license. 

  • If you need your optometrist to complete such a form, please let us know when booking your eye exam so we can ensure all the required testing is done during your visit. Please bring the form to the exam or email it to in advance.

  • Testing typically includes:

    • measurement of your vision with and without corrective lenses
    • confirmation that you can tell the difference between colours red, green, and amber
    • visual field testing
    • health assessment
  • For more information, please visit the Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles website or speak to your eye doctor.

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