Our Team

  • Our optometrists have built a longstanding clinic that always puts your health care first. Over the many years of caring for their patients, they have earned a well-respected reputation in Halifax and the surrounding communities they serve.

  • Dr Carl Davis in scrubs, arms folded, smiling.

    Dr. Carl Davis

  • Dr Leanne Roach in blue scrubs. She's a young woman, long brown hair, blue glasses, smiling warmly.

    Dr. Leanne Roach

  • Dr Kelsey Bonang in scrubs, arms folded, smiling.

    Dr. Kelsey Bonang

  • Dr Rachael Noah wearing scrubs. She's a young woman, long brown hair, arms folded, smiling warmly.

    Dr. Rachael Noah

  • Dr Jeff Sangster in burgundy scrubs, arms folded, smiling energetically.

    Dr. Jeff Sangster

  • Dr Tracy Voegeli in blue scrubs, posed with one hand on hip, smiling.

    Dr. Tracy Voegeli

  • Dr David Dobbelsteyn wearing scrubs and black glasses. Seated, smiling and resting chin on hand.

    Dr. David Dobbelsteyn

  • Dr Paul Gray wearing turquoise srubs. He's middle aged, has short dark hair and is smiling warmly.

    Dr. Paul Gray

  • Roberta Fitzner

  • Lorraine Shea

  • Kel Jensen

  • Nicholas Legere

  • Mike Bonang

  • Melanie Matthews

  • Adrian McLean

  • Our clinic is only as good as the people who make it work every day.

    In addition to the consultation with your doctor, you’ll encounter many others during your visit. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to ensure that your visit is always the best it can be!

  • Reception Staff help you schedule appointments, maintain your records, handle payments, process insurance, and other administrative matters.

    Optometric Clinical Assistants perform your medical intake, eye imaging, and diagnostic procedures under your doctor’s supervision or direction.

    Opticians and Optical Technicians assist with your eyewear selection, fittings, adjustments, or repairs.

    Contact Lens Certified Opticians assist you with contact lens selection, fitting evaluation, instruction, and after-care for your contact lenses.

  • Dianna Spencer - Office Manager

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