Dr Rachael Noah, smiling, in an eye exam room holding up an photropter instrument used to measure glasses prescriptions.

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  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

    During your visit, your doctor will perform a variety of eye tests and procedures to examine the health and function of your eyes. This includes using the most advanced diagnostic instrumentation to assist in careful testing for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases. 

    Vision is measured for various distances and eye muscle coordination is assessed. Our doctors recommend and utilize Optomap Retinal Imaging as part of a complete eye health assessment. 

    The need for eyeglasses or contact lenses will be determined, and your doctor will discuss your eye exam results.

    In some cases, further special diagnostic procedures such as visual field testing or in-depth glaucoma evaluation may be required, and these are often undertaken on another visit.

    Please note that many patients require pupil dilating eye drops for a complete examination, and the operation of a motor vehicle following this type of assessment is strongly discouraged. Those requiring such eye drops include, but are not limited to: persons with diabetes, high nearsightedness, and those over the age of 40. Your eye doctor will determine the need for pupil dilation at your visit.

  • Parking and Accessibility

  • Optometrist looking through microscope towards a patient's eye. Patient is smiling.

    Adult Eye Exams

    A thorough eye exam will ensure that you’re seeing your best and that your eyes are free of disease! Our optometrists can detect any early signs of eye disease or conditions that could put you at risk for vision loss and will work with you to protect your sight for life.

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  • Infant boy sitting in an eye exam chair, laughing and looking excited.

    Children Exams

    Children’s eye exams are a critical part of their overall health and development. Seeing an optometrist is the best thing you can do to make sure your child’s eyes are healthy and strong!

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  • Dr Tracy Voegeli pointing to close up of eyelid glands on a screen. Someone sitting across from her while she explains.

    Dry Eye Assessment

    Dry eye is a common problem resulting from your eyes not making enough tears, or the tears not working correctly to hydrate your eye’s surface. If left untreated, dry eye can cause complications that may compromise your eye health and vision. Our optometrists can help you diagnose, treat, and manage dry eye issues!

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  • Dr Jeff Sangster with a computer screen showing a simulation of a laser eye surgery.

    Laser Vision Correction

    Laser vision correcting surgery (also known as refractive laser surgery) can be a great alternative to glasses or contact lenses! As part of your comprehensive eye exam, we provide laser vision consultation to assess whether you’re a suitable candidate for treatment.

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  • Smiling clinician welcoming you into an exam room.  The door sign says Contact Lens Room, Alaa Al-Aqel.

    Specialty Contact Lenses

    It takes more than a prescription to get the perfect contact lenses. If you're experiencing problems with your current lenses and think you may need custom-designed contact lenses for your unique eyes, we can help!

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  • Long haired woman having eye exam, holding a small paddle over one eye to read chart. Next to her is optometry equipment.

    Motor Vehicle Exam

    Looking to renew your Nova Scotia driver's license? If so, you may need to have an optometrist fill out a form to verify that your eyesight satisfies the requirements for operating a motor vehicle.

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  • Woman in an eye exam chair, head leaning back. Male eye doctor wearing medical headgear leaned over her looking in her eye

    Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

    Eye exams are an important step in maintaining your eye health and clear vision. Our optometrists are able to assist with the detection of eye diseases at an early stage, as well as the identification of risk factors for possible eye diseases in the future.

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  • Child in braids sits in front of large intrument. Next to her a man in scrubs looks at a tablet, taking a picture of her eye

    Our Technology

    Our doctors are committed to providing you with the latest in diagnostic eye care during your visit.

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  • Eyewear pickups/adjustments

    When your new eyewear arrives, we’ll contact you to set up an appointment for pick up!

    Adjustments to your current eyewear by a skilled optician can be arranged by calling our office for an appointment.

  • Eye Emergencies

    Emergency eye problems (pain, pink eye, injuries, sudden vision loss, etc.) are given special consideration in our clinic. Our experienced staff will triage your eye problem, and we’ll make every effort to see you for a timely assessment. 

    In the event that you are experiencing an emergency eye problem and we are not open, please proceed to a walk-in medical clinic or the nearest emergency room for care.

  • Lost or Broken Eyewear

    Patients with lost or broken eyewear will be given special consideration, and every effort will be made for assistance at the earliest possible time.

  • Cancellation Policy

    If you are unable to honour your scheduled time with our office or your doctor, please call us with 24 hours’ notice to avoid unnecessary cancellation fees and to allow us to offer your appointment time to patients on our waiting list.

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