Specialty Contact Lenses

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It takes more than a prescription to get the perfect contact lenses.

We offer a wide variety of soft contact lenses, such as monthly lenses, single-use daily-disposable lenses, multifocal contacts, and contacts for astigmatism. These soft lenses are the most common type we fit. 

If you're experiencing problems with your current lenses and think you may need custom-designed contact lenses for your unique eyes, we can help!

  • Some people cannot wear standard lenses and require a different type of custom contact lens. This may include people with very high prescriptions, corneal disease or irregularities, dry eye disease, and children requiring myopia treatment.

  • Specialty lenses that we fit include:

    • Gas permeable or rigid contact lenses
    • Scleral contact lenses (single vision or multifocal)
    • Orthokeratology lenses (a.k.a myopia control, myopia treatment, corneal reshaping therapy)
Smiling clinician welcoming you into an exam room.  The door sign says Contact Lens Room, Alaa Al-Aqel.

Custom contact lenses

For people who need them, custom contact lenses may provide clearer vision than glasses or soft contacts.

Custom lenses may also offer better comfort; for example, in cases of severe dry eye disease, scleral contact lenses are prescribed as a treatment because they hold moisture on the eye.

If you are interested in contact lenses of any sort or want to know if specialty contact lenses can help you see and feel better, then please book your eye exam to discuss options with your optometrist. 

See our FAQs for more info about contact lenses, and book your eye exam today!

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