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FogBlocker® Eyeglass Anti-Fog Cloth

FogBlocker® Eyeglass Anti-Fog Cloth

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Eyeglass lenses fogging up while wearing your mask? We've tested these cloths in office and they work like a dream!

FogBlockers® Anti-fog Wipes are a revolutionary new, patent-pending product designed by biotech scientists at the University of Massachusetts. Researchers there recognized that natural plant-based nanocellulose is super water-absorbant and could be coated on any surface to actively absorb and prevent fog. The FogBlocker® Dry Wipe is an ultrafine microfiber cloth injected with the FogBlocker formula that can be used well over 500 times with effects lasting between 48-72 hours per wipe. This ultrafine microfiber cloth can be safely used on any lenses including those that are coated.

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