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Marc Jacobs

Marc 681 (6CR)

Marc 681 (6CR)

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Size: Adult
Gender: Male
Shape: Square
Colour: Sage
Material: Plastic

About Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs glasses masterfully marry functionality with flair. Drawing inspiration from his knack for transforming everyday streetwear into luxurious fashion statements, this eyewear echoes time-honored designs while setting fresh trends. Since his design school days in 1984, Marc Jacobs has consistently been a trailblazer, crafting wearables that resonate with a diverse audience. His eyeglasses? Pure testament to that ethos. From bold men's styles to a captivating range for women, each pair is a fashion manifesto.

2-Year Warranty: Our exceptional warranty covers breakage or damage of your frames and lenses for two full years from the date of purchase.

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