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Roof Top 2

Roof Top 2

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Size: Adult
Gender: Female
Shape: Cat-Eye
Colour: Maldives Green/Stain Glass Violet
Material: Acetate
Hand Made Italian Designer Eyewear

Take style to new heights with the art of ROOF TOP WOOW-style! These skilfully crafted glasses are as stylish as a New York rooftop terrace: a piece of metal adds a precious, graphic detail that creates a stunning effect! A Panto and a super-iconic round shape in 70’s-inspired colours: an opalescent nude is set ablaze in cobalt blue and regressive granita, while a sunset gradient evokes the softness of a sunset. Life at its best... and a view from the top!

2-Year Warranty: Our exceptional warranty covers breakage or damage of your frames and lenses for two full years from the date of purchase. 

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